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New... 6-29-2006... Microphone Module for your T|X !

New... 6-25-2006... Concert Lights color organ for Multi-Connector Palms!

One of our newest products, Concert Lights, is a tiny Color Organ type device for Multi-Connector Palms. It uses a high efficiency Tri-color LED to produce an amazing light show driven by both channels of your music. Just plug it into your Palm's HotSync port and start Pocket Tunes, no extra software required but you will need to use ear phones because the internal speaker is shut off when Concert Lights is attached. If you lay your Palm on a light colored surface the beams will create a fan shaped display. Projecting it to a vertical surface will create three overlapping colors. In both cases the blending, fading and flashing colors are mesmerizing and really add impact to your tunes.

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